The sculptures from the “Embody” series play with abstraction and metamorphose to incarnate complex shifting identities and interactions.

Society is morphing in a very fast pace constantly redefining intimacy, social interactions, self-definition and body representation. Technologies offer a new outer body experience that tends to transform our relationships and eventually disconnect people from others and from themselves.

The Embody series incarnate these shifting representations through transformative “Embody Sculptures”. Shani Ha’s sculptures can be activated by the audience, breaking the boundaries between the art and the viewer, by offering the possibility to have a direct and tangible impact on the artwork.

The soft sculptures are constantly shifting and adapting to the context and silhouettes, creating successive ephemeral sculptural forms.

Embody exists in different temporality and formats, the sculptures can be contemplated steady, in action or be activated.
The Embody blurs the boundaries between sculptures and bodies. This series of sculpture is the catalysis for photographs, installations and performances. Shani Ha invites performers and dancers to interact with the piece in different contexts.

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